Railway cargo transportation

Transportation in refrigerated wagons:

If you need to deliver "perishable" over long distances — the transportation of refrigerated cargo in special railway wagons, which is carried out by the company "Region", will be the optimal way of such transportation.
The abundance of long routes is typical not only for international, but also for domestic transportation, as well as for the delivery of goods to the countries of the Customs Union and the CIS. In such cases, a refrigerated wagon often becomes the most suitable option for transporting perishable goods and food products:
  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • milk and dairy products;
  • chilled and frozen meat and meat products;
  • fish and its products;
  • medicines and much more.
The key condition for the safety of such products is compliance with the necessary temperature regime. They are fully provided by a modern roomy refrigerator car - railway transportation by this type of rolling stock is as reliable and safe as possible. The set temperature is constantly maintained in the car, which is provided by:
  • special cooling and heating units;
  • construction of the railing of the car;
  • air circulation system.
Thanks to the fully automated system and control, the maximum temperature range is only ± 0.5 °C. Temperature control and monitoring is carried out using sensors — resistance thermometers. Data from them is transmitted to the engine room and diesel power plant. The safety of operation of the refrigerator car must be confirmed by a sanitary passport.
Multimodal transportation:

Multimodal transportation – combined cargo delivery (trucking to the railway station, loading onto railway rolling stock, cargo transportation to the destination station, unloading and delivery by road to the final consignee or port, with further transshipment of cargo to the ship and delivery by water route.
Bulk, bulk cargo:

The Region company carries out fast and high-quality railway transportation of bulk cargo throughout the country. Each client receives individual service at an affordable price, and the cargo will always be delivered on time with a guarantee of safety.
Bulk cargoes are most often used in various industries, and their heavy weight and large volumes cause an increase in transportation costs during transportation. In this case, it is advantageous to use railway transport, which combines such advantages:

  • shipping in any season of the year;
  • economical and safe;
  • trains run according to the schedule, the cargo arrives at the designated time;
  • a large selection of wagons for the organization of the crossing of various types of cargo;
  • large load capacity, which allows you to transport any volume of products;
  • minimal risk of accidents and delays on the way;
  • a good railway network to deliver goods even to the most remote cities of Russia.
Heavy, oversized cargo:

The Region Company offers a comprehensive service for the development and implementation of "non-standard logistics solutions for technologically complex projects. We provide customers with a full—fledged turnkey service - from the design of transport and logistics delivery schemes, the production of drawings and cargo fastening schemes to the installation and transportation of heavy and oversized cargo using all types of transport. Our specialists are ready to undertake the transportation of any oversized and oversized agricultural and construction machinery, metallurgical, oil and gas, power equipment, machine tools, railway rails, machinery and much more.
International rail transportation:

The Region Company carries out international rail transportation, which have a significant impact on the economic life of many states. This type of transport is especially relevant for Europe, Asia and the Russian Federation, because it is by rail that it is most convenient to deliver material values from remote regions. Most often, goods that cannot be delivered by cars are transported by rail. These are loads of large volume and weight. In addition, the railway is an integral part of the modern multimodal transportation system, when cargo is transported in containers and changes several types of transport in one route.

- in addition, the Company "Region" provides the service "Accelerated container train" on the route: Moscow – Vladivostok. The period of transportation on this route is only 10 days, with the possibility of picking up wagons with railway containers at all stations en route, which will allow you to quickly deliver your cargo to any point in Russia.
Container transportation:

Large-capacity (20- and 40-foot) containers are used for the transportation of goods. In this way, it is possible to transport building materials, raw materials, chemical products, household appliances, textiles, spare parts and other goods. Railway container cargo transportation is carried out both with the use of universal containers of the company's own fleet – about 50 units of 20-foot and 40-foot containers – and with the help of attracted container equipment. Specialized (Open Top and Flat Rack) containers are used to transport certain categories of cargo.
Additional services:
  • development and approval of sketches/drawings of loading;
  • customs clearance;
  • payment of railway fares;
  • act as a shipper;
  • cargo insurance;
  • organization of cargo escort VOHR;
  • tracking cargo en route.
Railway Transportation Department:
Work phone: +7(343) 289-54-16 (ext.213, 709, 222)
Mob. 89220385324, 89326189637
Head of Department, e-mail: region_vagon@mail.ru
Logistics Department, e-mail: logistvagon2@mail.ru ; transvagon21@mail.ru ; b2b_region@mail.ru
Organization of transportation:
The Region company has been the largest freight forwarder in the railway transportation market since 2011. The operational management of the company has more than 300 units of railway rolling stock. We organize any railway transportation on the territory of Russia, CIS countries, Asia and Europe. Through our Company, you can send bulk (inert) and dangerous goods, cars and special equipment, food, oversized, heavy loads, rolled metal, pipe products and other inventory items.

The capabilities and resources of our Company allow us to provide not only cargo transportation throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, CIS, Europe and Asia, but also to provide our clients with loading/unloading, cargo storage at all railway stations of the Russian Federation.

In the organization of cargo transportation, we operate not only with a fleet of wagons under operational management, but also with the owners' rolling stock involved.

The fleet of rolling stock that we operate: gondola cars, covered wagons, railway platforms (universal, fitting, forest), hoppers, dumpcars, refrigerators, IVT (thermos).
Owned by 20f and 40f railway containers.