Road transport

Full transport service of enterprises
We organize cargo transportation by road throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and to neighboring countries. Our main task is to take on the load as much as possible in solving transport issues related to the activities of the cargo owner. We are able to reduce your transportation costs and save your time.
We are ready to provide you with various types of transport from 1.5 to 20 tons:
  • Cars with a refrigerator-type body
  • Cars with an insulated body
  • Cars with a covered body (awning)
  • Cars with side body
  • Gazelles and low-tonnage vans
  • Manipulators
  • Cranes
  • Tanks
  • Dump trucks
Delivery of associated and combined cargo
There is a tendency in the Russian market to reduce the shipments sent by the seller to the buyer. This is due to the fact that buyers tend to reduce stocks of goods. After all, money invested in a commodity batch stored in a warehouse can be considered frozen. It is more convenient for trading companies to receive small shipments weekly or several times a week, which are sold within a few days. When delivering goods in small batches, the risk of accumulation of unsold goods also decreases if demand for it suddenly drops. In addition, buyers do not want to receive large quantities of short-term storage goods.
In any case, companies that for some reason benefit from receiving or sending goods in small batches should use the combined cargo delivery service. The advantages of such a service are obvious. The customer does not need to pay for a separate delivery of the goods by a vehicle that is less than half full. It is also not necessary to accumulate a consignment to make such delivery economically justified. Using the combined cargo delivery service, the client pays exactly for the place that his cargo occupies in the vehicle. The transport company, not the shipper, takes care of the effective use of the vehicle.
The upper weight limit, which determines the cargo, which is almost always economically more expedient to deliver by the combined method, is 1000-1500 kg. For larger shipments, the cost ratio for separate and combined delivery will depend on the distance of transportation.
The following companies most often use the services for the delivery of bulk cargoes:
- manufacturers, distributors and dealers of computer, office equipment, components and consumables to them;
- sellers BY;
- telecommunications companies;
- automobile companies that supply spare parts to their dealers;
- advertising and PR agencies that carry out promotional mailings;
- manufacturers and distributors of IT equipment, household appliances and electronics, medical and laboratory equipment; - industrial equipment and tools, various instruments and measuring equipment, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products;
- factories producing small batches of products on the special order of the buyer.
Cargo insurance
The transport company "Region" Yekaterinburg offers its customers a service for the insurance of goods transported by all modes of transport.
Cargo insurance is one of the most popular types of insurance in our country. This is due to the fact that cargo transportation is subject to a large number of different risks.
Any of the participants in the transport chain can conclude a cargo insurance contract: the shipper, the consignee, the forwarder, the carrier. But it must be remembered that only the actual owner of the cargo can receive insurance compensation under the insurance contract. Thus, when concluding an insurance contract, the policyholder determines in whose favor the goods will be insured. In international and Russian insurance practice, the beneficiary, as a rule, is the consignee or buyer of goods.
Insured events are: damage, total loss or loss of all or part of the cargo, which occurred for almost any reason, as well as:
- general accident expenses and contributions;
- all necessary and expediently incurred expenses for salvaging the cargo, as well as for reducing and determining the amount of the loss, if the loss is reimbursed under the terms of insurance.

The insurance period includes the entire period of transportation from warehouse to warehouse:

It begins from the moment the cargo is received from the warehouse at the point of departure, continues throughout the entire transportation and stops at the time of delivery of the cargo to the recipient's warehouse or other final warehouse specified in the policy.
Also, the policy is valid during the stay of goods at exhibitions and auctions.

Factors affecting the amount of the insurance premium:
  • insurance conditions;
  • cargo nomenclature;
  • cargo packing;
  • transportation routes;
  • method of transportation;
  • volume of traffic;
  • availability of security and cargo escort.
Insurance conditions:

The contract can be concluded both for a one-time shipment and for insurance of transportation carried out over a long period.
The amounts of insurance contracts are fixed both in rubles and in foreign currency. Insurance compensation for damaged, missing or lost cargo is paid in the currency in which the insurance premium was paid.
The deadline for consideration and payment of claims does not exceed 30 days from the date of receipt of all necessary documents.
Our work is a guarantee of your peace of mind!

Our company provides the following services:

Optimal prices for transportation services are developed individually for each business partner, taking into account the nature of the cargo and the specifics of its transportation.
The company transports goods by trucks on the territory of the Russian Federation and to neighboring countries.

We always promptly respond to the Client's request and deliver any cargo in the shortest possible time.